Glass and Light

Perfect Balance

The Form of transparency

Particular are the partition walls that we are able to create and our demonstrated ability to create interiors and furnishings is confirmed by the satisfaction expressed by our clients.

Our parapets for balconies and terraces are made with tempered and laminated glasses with latest generation of safety plastic, used specially for outdoor environments, this allows the parapet to have greater mechanical resistance to bending and high structural strength.

Other types of execution of which we are proud are the stairs in glass – the steps are made using armored glass- and the canopies completely in glass and supported by stainless steel cables or with a profile in which lighting systems can be inserted.

All the accessories we use are certified.

With the same care and dedication we take care of the thermal doors and windows. the materials we use are high quality products and the insulating glass used is highly performing both of thermal and acoustic insulation. our products are all accompanied by relative certification that certifies compliance with the regulations in force, thus allowing them to take advantage of tax breaks.